A O S »

Flight instructors often try to put their students at ease by telling them that there are no dumb questions. Regular AVweb contributor Linda Pendleton has a slightly different perspective. In this charming retrospective, Linda recalls the day in 1974 that she was making final preparations for her instrument checkride, and tells how she learned the hard way that the only dumb question is the one that is not asked. More

The Reason They Call 'Em "Taildraggers" »

No, it's not because they have a tailwheel. It's because by the time you've managed to learn to control their cantankerous behavior, a previously elevated portion of your anatomy is bound to be dragging on the tarmac as you skulk away after your first crosswind landing. For proof, read Glenn Daly's riotous account of his experiences learning to tame a wild Citabria. More

Interpreting Weather Satellite Imagery »

You can't watch the evening news or The Weather Channel without seeing satellite images, and the Web has made these graphics easily available to any pilot with a modem and notebook computer. But what does it all mean? That depends on what flavor of satellite image you're looking at: visible, infrared, or vapor. Jack Williams and Chris Cappella of Flight Training magazine help you break the code. More

'128 Delta Papa, Oceanside's the Other Way!' »

After a ten-year hiatus from flying, San Diego-based Glenn Daly decided to get back into the air and study for his instrument rating. (He succeeded, and subsequently went on to earn his commercial and CFI, too.) This is Glenn's riotously funny retelling of his first actual IFR cross-country flight in Cherokee N128DP. While we don't want to spoil it for you by telling you too much, we will offer this caution: don't drink a glass of milk while reading this article, because things could get really messy. More