How I Learned to Fly »

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High-Tech Approaches: In the Future, Flight Training Will Team People with Processors »

Is there a CPU in your future? If NASA's AGATE program has its way, tomorrow's light airplane will be nearly as computerized as a Boeing 777 or Gulfstream V is today. What's more, the AGATE flight training workgroup is proposing a new approach to flight training with heavy emphasis on computer-based instruction and simulators. Flight Training magazine's Greg Laslo brings you up to speed on where this is all headed. More

Tell Us How You Learned to Fly! »

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Choosing an Instructor: Your First Checklist »

Learning to fly is like being back in school again...except that this time, you get to choose your teacher. Your choice could have a profound effect on the outcome of your training and your future success as a pilot. Here's a checklist for choosing your primary CFI. More

Class B Basics: The ABCs of Class B Airspace »

The regs allow private pilots and even student pilots under certain circumstances to operate at major airline hubs alongside the heavy iron. But before doing so, you'd be well advised to bone up on the requirements, procedures, and fees. Flight Training magazine's Robert N. Rossier offers a primer for the Class B first-timer. More

What Pilots Can Do to Help Their Non-Pilot Right-Seaters »

There is plenty the pilot can do to make it easier for the non-flying companion, even for those who have never taken a Pinch-Hitter style course. (This article is intended as a companion to Doug Ritter's other article, " The Pilot's Incapacitated Now What? ") More