AVweb Features Daily AOPA Expo Coverage


After one of the most news-intensive National Business Aviation Association conventions in recent memory, the aviation world’s attention shifts to Hartford, Conn., this week and the AOPA convention. Our jet-lagged troupe of top-drawer print, video and audio journalists will be there for the full three days, starting Thursday, with daily coverage ensuring sure all 130,000 subscribers in the AVweb community know what’s going on and how it might affect them. So far, the most interesting announcement appears to be coming from Piper. In an aside during an update on the PiperJet project, Piper VP Bob Kromer mentioned the company was collaborating on a new product and it looks like AOPA Expo will be the showcase. Some are predicting it will be a light sport aircraft along the lines of Cirrus’s adoption of an already-flying European aircraft but maybe it’s a more high-performance model to compete with Cirrus, Mooney and Cessna/Columbia. Stay tuned.