AVweb Video Makes Top 10 List – You Can Vote!


Those of us who love to fly might be fascinated by a video of air show pilot Mike Goulian explaining what it takes to fly a Red Bull air race — but it turns out that the wide-open masses of people enjoy it, too. The interview, shot by AVweb videographer Glenn Pew in San Diego a few weeks ago, has risen to No. 3 in the WeShow sports-video rankings. Visitors to the site vote for their favorite video-casts from thousands of choices all over the Internet, and to reach No. 3, Goulian had to compete with the likes of the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Knicks, the Tour de France doping scandal, and a spectacular race-car crash. You can help move Goulian even higher in the rankings, by visiting the site and voting for your favorite.

If AVweb‘s video reaches No. 1, we have nothing to gain — just the satisfaction of knowing that more people are learning why we find aviation so interesting!