BasicMed Now In Effect


The new BasicMed FAA rule took effect on Monday, and according to AOPA, 1,354 pilots already have completed all the requirements to qualify for the program. Those pilots are now eligible to fly under the BasicMed rules. Another 3,897 pilots have completed the online medical education course quiz, and 2,412 pilots have begun the course, AOPA said. Besides taking the online course, pilots must complete a medical exam and checklist, possess a U.S. driver’s license and have held an FAA medical after July 14, 2006. The FAA said it is working on an updated BasicMed Advisory Circular (AC 68-1), which should be posted online on the BasicMed page sometime this week.

Pilots flying under BasicMed must fly aircraft with a maximum certificated takeoff weight of 6,000 pounds or less, and are authorized to carry no more than six occupants, including the pilot. They also must not fly above 18,000 feet MSL, and are limited to speeds not exceeding 250 knots. They also cannot fly for compensation or hire. The education course must be passed every two years, and the medical exam must be completed every four years. More details about the rule are posted at the FAA’s BasicMed webpage.