Bin Laden Relatives Die In Phenom Crash


Three members of Osama bin Laden’s family, including his half-sister, were killed along with their Jordanian pilot when their Embraer Phenom 300 crashed in a runway overrun accident in England. The Phenom was on a flight from Milan to Blackbushe Airport in southern England when it ended up in a car auction yard and caught fire. Aerial photos show the aircraft was mostly consumed in the post-crash fire. Although none of the occupants have been identified, various media reports say Osama bin Laden’s half-sister, her mother and husband were the passengers. The Daily Mail is reporting that data from an ADS-B tracking service called AvGen shows the Phenom was high and hot coming into the airport, whose runway is 3,500 feet long.

According to the data shared with the Daily Mail, the Phenom apparently climbed 500 feet above pattern height while on downwind and the newspaper speculated that the pilot increased his rate of descent on base and final to compensate. The newspaper said the data shows the aircraft at 75 feet over the threshold, the normal height, but going 149 knots, 31 knots above its Vref of 108 knots. Published landing roll for the aircraft is about 2,700 feet, giving the pilot about 800 feet to spare at that airport. The plane ended up about 300 feet past the end of the runway. It was only the second serious accident involving a Phenom 300. The other was an overrun by a NetJets aircraft at Conroe, Texas, in 2014.