Bizjet Comparisons: There’s An App


Even to the practiced eye, business jets can look remarkably similar and a Russian publisher has introduced an iPad app that makes comparing them a little easier. Upcast Media has introduced JetBook, an interactive tool that graphically and textually presents and compares 65 of the most popular business jets from every perspective imaginable. “It’s hi-tech, flexible, and you get updates with specs and prices in real time,” said Ivan Veretennikov, Upcast co-publisher.

Veretennikov said the biggest advantage of the app is the real-time updating ability. Within a few minutes of Gulfstream announcing changes to the takeoff performance of the flagship 650 model, JetBook had changed the specs on its app. “One-off updates, such as this by Gulfstream, are added almost instantly and are available to the users of the full version at the tap of the Update button within the app,” he said.