Blind Pilot On His Way to Sydney


Miles Hilton-Barber landed in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Sunday, having launched on March 7 from London, heading halfway around the world in a microlight aircraft. Barber has been blind for 25 years, and is flying with a co-pilot. The team hopes to raise $1 million for Seeing Is Believing, a charity that aims to restore the sight of millions of people around the world who are afflicted with cataracts and other forms of curable blindness. Barber is flying a Mainair Quick GT450 equipped with “talking” instruments that tell him heading, bank angle, and other information he can use to control the aircraft.

The trip will cover almost 14,000 miles across 19 countries. I may never see again says Barber, but if, through this flight, thousands of blind people in developing countries can have this gift of sight restored to them again, it will be so incredibly worth it!