Boeing 747-8 VIP: When Your Biggest Bizjet Isn’t Big Enough


Boeing Business Jets has grander plans for your business dollars — 5,667 square feet of cabin space with options for vaulted ceilings, video wall displays, and spiral staircases all with a range of 9,260 nm. This “fastest large-cabin business jet,” according to Boeing, is capable of cruising at Mach 0.86. The VIP version of the 747-8 offers a new “SkyLoft area” located “above the main cabin between the upper deck and tail,” adding up to 881 square feet of interior space for “unique personal suites, private offices and recreational spaces.” Without making reference to any other extremely large aircraft, Boeing noted in a release that the aircraft “is the only large airplane in its class that fits today’s airport infrastructure” and can therefore “fly into most airports throughout the world.” Customers have so far ordered four 747-8 VIP aircraft. Commercial versions are scheduled to enter service in 2010.