Boeing, Embraer To Collaborate


Boeing and Embraer will “work together to benefit their customers, their companies and the global aviation industry,” the two companies announced on Monday. The companies didn’t offer any details about what this cooperation would produce, but said they will work together to develop commercial aircraft features that enhance safety and efficiency and to develop sustainable aviation biofuels. They will also look for other areas to work together “to bring mutual benefit and value to customers.” The announcement was made on the same day that the governments of Brazil and the U.S. agreed to expand cooperation on civil aviation matters.

The agreement could develop into a joint effort to build a new commercial airliner, aviation analyst Scott Hamilton told the Puget Sound Business Journal. “It appears neither Boeing nor Airbus will do a new small airplane until sometime around 2030,” Hamilton said. “What you may see is Boeing tying up with Embraer, possibly for an eventual development of larger Embraer aircraft that would supplant the 700 and 7 Max.” Last year, Boeing and Embraer announced plans to jointly fund research on producing sustainable aviation jet fuel from sugarcane. And last month, Boeing, Embraer, and Airbus announced an agreement to work together on the development of drop-in, affordable aviation biofuels.