Bombardier Details New Jets Ahead Of NBAA


Bombardier didn’t wait for NBAA to announce two new aircraft aimed at the ultra-long-range, large-cabin market. The Global 7000 and Global 8000 aircraft are extensions of the Global series that currently rests with the XRS model. Bombardier announced Saturday that the 8000 model, due for delivery in 2017, will be the longest-range aircraft in its class. The eight-seat aircraft will have a 7,900-nm range, making Hong Kong-New York and L.A.-Sydney flights available nonstop. The larger cabin (10-seat) 7000 will be available in 2016 and go 7,300 nm. Top cruise is listed as .9 Mach for both, slightly less than the Gulfstream G650, which is projected to do .925 in hurry-up mode.

Bombardier says the new planes will be cleaner and greener than the existing fleet, with their GE TechX engines pumping out half the nitrous oxide of comparable aircraft and burning 8 percent less fuel than the company’s current flagship, the XRS. In another nod to its arch rival Gulfstream, the new aircraft will have 80-percent bigger windows. More details to come from the convention floor, but also keep an eye out for other companies following Bombardier’s lead and jumping the gun on NBAA.