Bonanza Crashes After Unintentional Engine Start


Image: KCRA

An unoccupied Beechcraft V35B Bonanza crashed at California’s Modesto City-County Airport (MOD) after an unplanned engine start on Wednesday afternoon. It has been reported that two people had been working on the aircraft’s electrical system and manipulating the propeller. The engine accidently engaged, sending the Bonanza into a parked car and through the airport fence at approximately 40 MPH. A building was also damaged in the incident. No injuries were reported.

“When we arrived on scene, we found that a private plane that was being prepared for a trip had some sort of incident within the plane that caused the plane to take off with no one inside,” said Modesto Fire Department Division Chief Mike Lillie while at the scene. “At that time the plane rolled on the airport grounds until it came to its resting place here by this building and the fence.”

The exact cause of the unintentional engine start has not yet been determined. The aircraft, which sustained substantial damage, was removed by crane on Wednesday evening. Officials are investigating.