Bone Fragment Found At Fossett Crash Site


Investigators have found a small bone fragment at the crash site of the Super Decathlon Steve Fossett was flying when he went missing in September of 2007. Authorities speculate Fossett’s body has been dragged off by animals but believe the bone fragment will lead to a positive identification and proof that Fossett died in the crash. “I believe the coroner will be able to do some work,” Mark Rosenker, acting administrator of the NTSB, told The New York Times.

The chance discovery of Fossett’s pilot certificate, a sweatshirt and other personal belongings earlier this week led to the positive identification of the wreckage of the aircraft he was reported to have been flying at the time. The circumstances of the crash, a high-speed impact with a 10,000-foot-high mountain almost 150 miles from his departure point near Minden, Nev., seem at odds with the accepted purpose of the flight to scout dry lake beds in Nevada for a site to break the land speed record. Stay tuned … .