BRS Developing Chutes For eVTOLS


BRS Aerospace, which has installed more than 35,000 of its ballistic recovery parachutes in a range of aircraft, from ultralights to general aviation and military airplanes, now is working to develop systems for eVTOLS, the company said at the recent Uber Elevate conference. “Working with a number of new aircraft manufacturers, BRS Aerospace is at the early stages of creating technology that could make eVTOL aircraft a reality,” said BRS Aerospace president Enrique Dillon. The recovery system is seen as a critical component to make the concept viable, Dillon said.

“Autonomous flight over highly populated urban environments is a challenge that will require a lot of work,” Dillon said. “Safety both in the air and on the ground is not an option anymore, and we are not there yet. But I have no doubt that urban air mobility, not too far from today, will become a reality.” Other participants in the conference, including Embraer and Pipistrel, unveiled concepts for eVTOLs and for urban sky ports.