Business Aviation Courses Offered


Ohio colleges are being encouraged to develop specific courses to train business aircraft pilots. According to Dayton Daily News, expansion by Columbus-based NetJets and requests from Ohio business people have prompted the creation an introductory business aviation program at Sinclair College. Colleges and universities all over the state are being encouraged to follow suit. Sinclair College already has a successful aviation program that trains pilots, dispatchers and flight attendants; Jamie Thomas, a 2002 graduate of the program, says specific training for business operations is a good idea.

Thomas said business pilots are expected to take total command of all aspects of the flight and that requires a wide variety of skills beyond flying the aircraft, from preparing refreshments to supervising the ground handling. Sinclair student Shawn Riffee, who, at 23, is putting himself through school by flying a corporate aircraft part-time, agreed. “You’re dealing with top executives. Everything has to look sharp,” said Riffee, “It’s all about image.