…But Leaves Some Loose Ends


Some loose ends remain to be tied up, however. One of the first is what will happen at GAMA. Ron Swanda, a well-respected 20-plus-year veteran at the association currently serving as its senior vice president of operations, “will manage the association’s day-to-day affairs until the Board of Directors names a new President and CEO,” according to a GAMA press release. Unknown at this time is whether Swanda will be considered for GAMA’s top spot or if the organization will engage in a full-blown search for Bolen’s replacement. For his part, Swanda told AVweb, “I am honored that the GAMA board has asked me to take on these new responsibilities and excited about this opportunity to serve the board as interim president. I especially look forward to leading GAMA’s staff, some of the most effective and knowledgeable professionals I have ever known. I cannot speculate on what the board may conclude it needs in the way of permanent leadership. My job is to be the best interim president possible.”

Remaining unknown, however, is what process, if any, GAMA will go through to choose a new president. GAMA had not responded to an e-mailed inquiry by AVweb‘s deadline. Also unknown is what impact, if any, Bolen’s new role will have on his participation in the ongoing FAA aviation rulemaking committee (ARC) effort to rewrite FAR Parts 125 and 135. Bolen has been serving as chair of the ARC, which meets again later this month, and usually received good marks from participants for his efforts despite a lack of detailed hands-on knowledge of related flight operations. Similarly, the FAA manager responsible for the ARC had not responded to an e-mailed inquiry by AVweb‘s deadline.