Canada Stands Up For Age-Sixty-Plus Pilots


Air Canada still has a mandatory pilot retirement age of 60, and Raymond Hall (who last month was forced to retire) has found support from the Canadian Human Rights Commission for his desire to continue working. The Commission’s ruling found that Air Canada’s policy is unconstitutional and Air Canada now has 30 days to appeal. If the ruling is upheld, it is possible that Hall could seek to continue his career, but the pilot may have other designs. It seems he’s been nominated by Conservatives in Winnipeg South Centre to run for federal office in Canada. Hall is already part of another group called Fly Past 60, which was formed by Air Canada pilots to protest the airline’s mandatory retirement age. But even if his influence stops there, Hall is optimistic that his case before the Human Rights Commission, if upheld, could affect workers across a range of federal industries.

Hall told CBC news, “This is a triumph for those who value their human dignity and want to continue their employment regardless of their pay status beyond ages that are arbitrarily chosen by employers and unions to force them out of the workforce.”I think it’s going to infuse older workers with a feeling of self-worth and dignity that their contribution to the labor force and their ability to terminate their employment at the date of their choosing is something that is finally recognized,” he told CBC news.