Canada’s Expedition E350 Gets FAA OK


The Expedition E350, a backcountry single-engine aircraft manufactured by Found Aircraft Canada, has been granted type certification by the FAA. The type certification includes both day and night VFR and IFR for the E350 with either tricycle gear or with floats. “Certification of the E350 is the culmination of over two years of development by our dedicated team of employees and suppliers who worked hard to make this day happen,” says Drew Hamblin, spokesman for Expedition Aircraft. “The Expedition was designed to be the true meaning of a high performance, flying SUV and the undisputed heavy-hauler in its class.” The aircraft, which seats four to five, has a full fuel payload of over 900 pounds, with a range of 700 nm at 156 knots. “E350 owners will not have to choose fuel over friends when planning long cross-country flights,” Hamblin said. The airplane is designed for STOL performance, with rugged landing gear for operating from unprepared airstrips, and a powerful 315-hp Lycoming IO-580 engine. Production of the E350 has begun and first deliveries are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2009. The airplane is built on a steel-tube frame with both carbon fiber and aluminum skins.

The airplanes are built factory-ready for installation of either Aerocet 3500L straight floats or Aerocet 3400 amphibious floats. The company is also developing a taildragger version, the E350XC, which can be fitted with tundra tires or skis. AVweb spoke with Hamblin about the new aircraft when they were introduced early last year; click here for the podcast.