Canadian Pilot License Deadline Looming


About 30 percent of Canadian pilots haven’t applied for a new style of license that becomes mandatory June 30. Transport Canada officials speaking at Canadian Aviation Expo in Hamilton, Ontario, are urging pilots to get their paperwork in as soon as possible to help the agency process the almost 18,000 outstanding renewals as smoothly as possible. Those who meet the June 30th deadline will get a 90-day temporary license while their new passport-style document is being prepared. However, those who miss the deadline will be without a valid license until their new one is ready as the old-style paper licenses will become invalid on July 1 and no temporary licenses will be issued after June 30.

The new licenses meet ICAO standards with a swipeable security strip on the bottom of the main page and room inside for all the ratings and endorsements that also have security features. Transport Canada officials remind pilots and others with aviation certificates to be careful and follow all the directions on the application form as improperly submitted forms are sent back. Official passport photos are also required for the application.