Carbon Tax Hikes Fuel Prices In B.C.


As fuel prices continue to rise, the government of British Columbia is imposing a carbon tax on all fuels, including Jet-A and avgas, that put the price up by at least 10 cents a gallon. The tax, which goes into effect on Tuesday (Canada Day, the country’s annual patriotic holiday) will push the price of Jet A up 2.61 cents per liter (10.15 cents a U.S. gallon) and 100 LL 2.46 cents a liter (9.56 cents a U.S. gallon). Jet fuel was selling for $6.18 a U.S. gallon and 100 LL was priced at $6.73 a gallon at Vancouver International Airport on Tuesday.

The rates are calculated based on $10 CAD per metric ton of carbon produced and vary according to the carbon emissions from each type of fuel. The imposition of the tax has been controversial in B.C., particularly in the far-flung regions of the largely undeveloped province where residents say they have no alternative to burning fossil fuels for transportation and other energy needs.