Flexjet Reports Major Business Boost »

Flexjet, the aircraft management arm of Bombardier, says it's hiring pilots to meet the demand of a huge increase in business. While airframe companies have continued to say demand for their products is flat, Flexjet says demand for its services is up 83 percent in the first quarter of 2013 over the same period in 2012. "With the economy picking up speed, owners who have been tentative since the downturn have started to gain more confidence and are taking more and more trips," said Flexjet President Deanna White. More

First Ph.D. In Aviation Conferred »

St. Louis University's Parks College has conferred the first-ever Ph.D. in Aviation in the U.S. to Damon Lercel. The school has been working on establishing the degree for 10 years and the new doctor says it's an important milestone in aviation education. "The program offered not only an in-depth immersion in research, but also opportunities to interact with both the domestic and international aviation industries." Lercel said, "It's a victory for the advancement of aviation." The degree was also the first for the school. More

Violation! »

Everybody makes mistakes. But not every pilot makes a mistake that gets noticed by the FAA. If you do, does that mean your resume drops to the bottom of the stack at your dream airline? That all depends ... More

Aviation Scholarships -- Get Paid To Learn »

Frustrated by the high cost of flight education? Behaved poorly to your cranky great uncle and he left you out of his will? Have we got a deal for you: Free money! Well, it'll cost you some time and effort, but there are ways to get others to help pay your way into the profession. More

Northbound! »

There is a place -- a cold, mountainous, low-VFR place -- where stick-and-rudder skills and an innate ability for pilotage is not just helpful ... it's required for survival. But if you want to do more than be a flying bus driver, Alaska has challenges and rewards for the aviation professional. More

Landing Your First Flying Job »

If you're a new pilot just getting onto the professional ladder, or if you're considering making the jump from private flying to professional, you may be surprised to find the rules for getting the job are different than you expected. AVweb has this guide of practical tips for the job hunt. More

The Pilot's Lounge #61:
So You Want To Go Into Professional Aviation

AVweb's Rick Durden recently taught a class in aviation law, and with the help of many in the Pilot's Lounge, presented the students with ideas on how to succeed, keep your sanity, and maintain your principles in the wilds of the aviation industry. More

Job Surfing »

You know the internet is filled with information to help you get an aviation job, but where to start? Start here, with a description of dozens of sites and how to best use them. More

Aircraft Dispatchers — Working Behind the Scenes »

Although they don't have the visibility or prestige of an airline captain, aircraft dispatchers are, legally, just as responsible for planning a successful airline flight as the captain. And dispatchers get some of the airline perks, too. More

Climbing the Ladder: Making the Step from Piston Driver to Airline Pilot »

Nearly every pilot harbors some small dream of flying for the airlines, cruising along in the Flight Levels as a member of a crew in a state-of-the-art machine. Those who choose to pursue that dream are faced with a number of unusual trials along the way, and the rewards, while plentiful, aren't always what you would expect. More