CEO of the Cockpit #66: Night Flight, Direct Rome »

The amazing art and science of navigating an airliner didn't always dwell in the clicking CPU of a black box. Even AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit sometimes has to fly IFR -- I Follow Roads. More

CEO of the Cockpit #63: Flyboyz »

Nobody's made a realistic airplane movie since, well, ever. So says AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit. And no modern, special-effects-filled, multiplex pablum is going to change his mind. More

CEO of the Cockpit #62: Garden Party »

It's really easy to get into the mode of complaining and bemoaning the state of aviation and, in particular, the airlines. Get a bunch of recently retired CEOs of the Cockpit together and it's downright maudlin. Until someone comes by with a new perspective ... More

"CEO of the Cockpit" Index »

Who's in charge of the airplane? The pilot is, and no one knows that better than AVweb's own "CEO of the Cockpit," Kevin Garrison. You'll find a complete index to his "CEO" columns here. More

CEO of the Cockpit #60: The Rebel Alliance »

There is a certain rebellious streak among pilots; anti-authoritarian attitudes are admired if not quite encouraged. But among airline pilots? No one, least of all AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit, wants to lose their job ... More