CEO of the Cockpit #59: Do It for the Love of the Game »

Passengers crammed into the back of an airliner may think otherwise, but airline pilots do end up working a lot of hours each month. So why would AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit take on an extra flight filled with steroid-enhanced athletes? More

CEO of the Cockpit #58: My Night with Mario »

Young pilots may want a layover hotel with an exercise room, but those who've traveled the world know it's more interesting to get out of the hotel and find some authentic nightlife. AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit always tries to find a place like Mario's. More

CEO of the Cockpit #57: Mentors »

Don't let experienced pilots convince you they got where they are solely through their own efforts. All good pilots had folks who helped them out along the way, including AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit. More

CEO of the Cockpit #56: The FAA Is Your Friend »

A necessary evil. A necessary leech. The FAA, according to AVweb's CEO of the cockpit, is all those things and more. And in this month's column, he's even willing to admit some FAA bureaucrats are OK. More

CEO of the Cockpit #55: Walk-Around, 5 a.m., LAX »

Even grizzled, old, jaded and chubby captains of wide-body airliners sometimes have to preflight their giant steeds. It may not resemble the preflight a young student would do, and mechanics no longer help out, but the tradition is alive and well for AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit. More

CEO of the Cockpit #54: Baggage »

Anybody else notice that right about the time wheeled suitcases started coming onto airplanes, airline profits started dropping? AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit didn't notice, but his Marine buddy did and pines for those earlier, testosterone-filled days. More

CEO of the Cockpit #53: Snow Day »

A snow day may be a day off from work or school, but if you're an airline pilot it probably means delays and de-icing. AVweb's Kevin Garrison has had many snow days -- some of them even involved throwing snowballs in Florida. More

CEO of the Cockpit #51: Cockpit of the Apes »

If a free-enterprise economy is Darwinian and if legacy airlines are dinosaurs, what are the little mammals and what are the cockroaches? And which will survive longest? AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit ponders this in the hypoxic cockpit of a 777 in this month's column. More

CEO of the Cockpit #50: On Their Shoulders »

There aren't many from the Greatest Generation left -- people and planes -- to remind young folks what flying was like back then ... and what it was like to leave home at a young age to fight halfway around the world. AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit sees parallels to his generation of airline captains. More