CEO of the Cockpit #49: Coonass Says Goodbye »

These days even retired airline pilots feel the pain of broken airlines. AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit tells the story of his southern buddy left behind by an unfeeling, MBA-managed legacy airline. More

CEO of the Cockpit #47: Pilots Have Never Changed »

Sure, you've heard it all before: What with "cockpit resource management" and deregulation, being an airline pilot today is nothing like it was 50 years ago. Wrong. AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit just watched two flying films from the 1950s and he saw himself and his friends in them. More

CEO of the Cockpit #45: Dead Dinosaurs »

We're all flying with dead dinosaurs -- well, all of us powered pilots anyway. Airlines love to blame their bankruptcies on the price of fuel, but they won't raise fares to cover it. So AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit and some other pilots discuss other ways to use less go-juice. More

CEO of the Cockpit #44: Raise The Nina! »

For modern airline pilots like AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit -- who spend all day in an FMS-guided autopilot-flown aviation wonder -- the appeal of flying old, low and slow during their days off (or in retirement) is understandable. But why would someone spend millions to rescue something that would be cheaper to build from scratch? More

CEO of the Cockpit #43: Summit Talks on Aviation »

A informal meeting of the minds (such as they are) takes place each year where folks from many walks of life -- but connected by aviation -- discuss the state of the industry and relations among pilots, mechanics, and more. AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit tells the tale. More

CEO of the Cockpit #42: BUFFs and Buggy Whips »

AVweb's CEO of the Cockpit lost a buddy this month -- not to death but to retirement. Distance and personality type usually mean pilots don't see each other once the goodbye party is over. But at that party -- everybody wants to outdo each other with stories of "... When I was a junior co-pilot ..." More

CEO of the Cockpit #41: Risky Business »

Safety is an indistinct concept -- in airplanes and in more terrestrial vehicles. You can be the safest person, attentive and defensive; but when a car (or plane) just misses you, luck seems to be much more involved. AVweb's CEO had a close encounter that kept him wondering how safe we are. More

CEO of the Cockpit #40: Dear Santa »

Finding himself a swimming-pool-bound prisoner of a three-day re-route, the CEO takes a little time off from his enforced Fort Lauderdale layover to jot down a few ideas for the bearded fat man. More