CEO of the Cockpit #9:
Reroutes and Rethinking

After a rather intrusive security check, AVweb's CEOof the Cockpit finds that, sometimes, waiting for the weather to change can actually get you home sooner than you expected. And sometimes it gives you time to think about whether a CEO ought to pack heat in that cockpit office of yours. More

CEO of the Cockpit #8:
CEO of the Flight Line

Could there be a better job than being an airline pilot? Actually, the CEOof the Cockpit once had an even better job in aviation: He was a lineboy, the CEOof the Flight Line. Free flight time, free fuel, free cigarettes, few cares, and fewer cynics. More

CEO of the Cockpit #7:
Grumpy Old Captains

It's been a bad day. Scratch that, it's been a bad week. AVweb's Kevin Garrison has had it up to his epaulets with cute comments from airline passengers, and he's decided it's time to let us know what passengers say that makes airline pilots rant. More

CEO of the Cockpit #6:
CEO Squared

The Dow is rebounding and tech stocks are on the rise, but the major air carriers' shares are in the doldrums. Who's really at the controls here? The Real CEO makes a cameo appearance in the latest "CEO of the Cockpit." More

CEO of the Cockpit #5:
Bring Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Ahhhh, it's tax time for all of us and for the CEO of the Cockpit as well. Airline captains are accustomed to calling the shots when hundreds of lives are at stake. Who better to consult where the issue is merely whether or not a post-flight beer is deductible? Take it for what it's worth the CEO has an opinion. More

CEO of the Cockpit #4:
On Laying Over Well

If you fly for a living there will always be layovers and time to think time to think about how things used to be and what they will become. The CEO of the Cockpit is on layover and he's been thinking. More

CEO of the Cockpit #3:

There's another side to the Age 60 Rule. Long before you've served six decades on spaceship Earth and are required to step aside to make room for the up-and-coming, it claims your closest friends and flying companions. Ride along with AVweb's Kevin Garrison as the CEO Of The Cockpit takes his final flight with an old buddy. More

CEO of the Cockpit #2:
Training Day

You're aboard a commercial flight and the weather at your destination airport is ... let's say challenging. As your thoughts drift to the flight crew seated ahead of the newly installed security door, what crosses your mind first: "How are their communications skills holding out?" or "Can they get us down?" The CEO Of The Cockpit has his own views and AVweb's Kevin Garrison shares them with us in his latest column. More

CEO of the Cockpit #1:
Feeling Secure

Still not feeling secure about air travel even though the airlines have added reinforcing to cockpit doors and removed all fingernail clippers from the flight crew's duty bags? Well, the feelings aren't entirely warm and fuzzy inside the cockpit either. AVweb's newest columnist Kevin Garrison takes an inside-out look at the issue from the irreverent perspective of the CEO Of The Cockpit. More