Certain Superior Jugs Pulled


The FAA has issued an Airworthiness Directivethat takes effect March 12 and covers 1,354 Superior Air Parts cylinder assemblies used in new Superior engines and as replacement parts in Lycoming four- and six-cylinder mills and Continental sixes. The affected cylinders didnt get proper heat treating and can come apart, as nine have done so far. Since that would ruin your day in a hurry, the FAA has gone straight to final rule on this AD and it becomes effective in two weeks. Compliance is pretty straightforward. If you have any of the documented cylinders on your engine and theyve accumulated more than 150 hours of service, you either have to pull them immediately or take up to 10 hours to fly to another location to have the work done. Even though the rule will become effective March 12, comments are invited until April 24.