“Certified Pre-owned” In The Light Sport Aircraft Market


SportairUSA, distributor for Sting S3 and Sirius aircraft, announced Friday its new “certified pre-owned” light sport aircraft (LSA) program, offering used aircraft with a warranty, plus transition training. The company says the new program provides benefits for both sides of the buyer/seller coin. The seller, says SportairUSA, gets market exposure with SportairUSA standing behind the sale. Sellers also get free hangar space and, separately, deferred costs for maintenance and repairs until the aircraft is sold. Buyers get some assurance in that SportairUSA is putting its name behind the product in so far as the company will inspect the aircraft and make any necessary repairs with OEM parts. The aforementioned warranty is a “six month, 50 hour warranty.” And then there’s the training.

SportairUSA says it will also provide five hours of ground and five hours of transitional orientation to the buyer, plus a biennial flight review.