Cessna Citation Overrun, Sao Paulo, On Video

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Video has emerged of a the moment a Cessna 525B Citation CJ3 with two crew members and one passenger on Nov. 11 overran runway 35R at Sao Paulo, Brazil, bouncing over a berm and crashing a perimeter fence and barrier, seriously injuring its pilot. A copilot and passenger were the only other people onboard and both suffered minor injuries. The aircraft, operated by Tropic Air, was damaged beyond repair. There was no fire in spite of the trip’s violent conclusion that stopped the jet just short of an active roadway. Weather reports just prior to and after the late afternoon accident (17:27, local time, 19:27 Zulu) show a near reversal in wind direction.

The preliminary accident report states that “in the course of one hour the wind direction changed 140 degrees with the temperature dropping three degrees Centigrade.” It continues to say that “Towering Cumulus clouds was approaching, reaching the airport about 21:00 UTC.” Prior to the aircraft’s arrival (19:00 Zulu) winds were reported at 300 degrees and nine knots. At 20:00 Zulu, winds were reported at 160 degrees and 13 knots. The jet’s impact with a berm and barrier were captured by surveillance camera footage and appear to show impact with the berm and barrier resulting in high G events for the aircraft and its occupants. In 2007 a TAM Airlines Airbus A320 overran the airport’s runway 35L, missing safety barriers, killing all 187 people onboard. Video of the more recent Citation event, below.