Cessna Increases Support Of Able Flight


Able Flight, a nonprofit group that provides flight-training scholarships to people with disabilities, announced on Monday that Cessna Aircraft Company has signed on for its second year and increased its support to the level of major sponsor. “Cessna has made a powerful commitment to our mission of using aviation to transform the lives of people with disabilities,” said Able Flight’s Executive Director, Charles Stites. “They have recognized the positive impact that flight training can have … inspiring people who meet the challenge of learning to fly.” Able Flight plans to award up to 15 scholarships this year. By this summer, Able Flight expects that as many as 10 scholarship winners will have completed their training. Able Flight’s mission is to offer people with disabilities a unique way to challenge themselves through flight training, and by doing so, to gain greater self-confidence and self-reliance.

One third of all the group’s scholarships go to wounded veterans.