Cessna Receives NetJets Awards


Fractional operator NetJets said it has awarded Cessna Aircraft Company two awards designed to recognize the airframer’s “cooperative efforts contributing to the overall success” of NetJets who, not coincidentally, is Cessna’s largest customer. Cessna received the first-ever NetJets Annual Performance Award, given for process improvements Cessna implemented in 2005 to decrease maintenance downtime on aircraft operated by NetJets. Cessna’s Wichita, Kan., business jet service center also received the operator’s second quarter 2006 Base Maintenance Award. This award also is given for helping reduce NetJets’ downtime. NetJets, through its various operating companies, operates more than 600 aircraft, making it the world’s largest operator of private business jets; more than 240 aircraft in its fleet are Cessna Citations.

“Everything we do at Cessna is centered on putting our customer first, and that makes these awards from NetJets very meaningful to us,” said Ron Chapman, senior vice president of customer service at Cessna. “They confirm we are headed in the right direction, and through our customers’ feedback we will continue to find ways to improve our service to NetJets and each of our operators.”