Cessna Rolls Out 300th Citation Mustang


Cessna Thursday announced that it has completed its 300th Citation Mustang, to be “delivered later this year to a retail customer in Australia.” The mark follows delivery of the first Mustang (April, 2007) by a span of less than three years. Announced first at the 2002 National Business Aviation Association convention, Cessna had the first Mustang flying by April of 2005. Thought to see competition from the Eclipse 500, an early inspiration to the entire very light jet market, the Citation Mustang went on to become the first fully certified “entry-level business jet” and currently sells for just over $3 million loaded with Garmin avionics and powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada engines.

“The aircraft continues to set the mark for entry level business jet operations around the world, and its demand has remained fairly resilient during the past year,” according to Cessna’s top man, Jack Pelton. Pelton says the jet has found its niche in the air taxi, charter, training and owner-operator segments. AVweb took its first video tour of the Mustang back in July of 2005. In May of 2009, we posted a Mustang video flight demonstration. Flying with a payload of 1,200 pounds over and above crew, the jet has a range of about 700 nautical miles. It can cruise at speeds up to 340 KTAS and is certified to 41,000 feet. Its two 1,460-lb thrust P&W Canada engines can get it off the ground in 3,110 feet and it can stop in 2,380, according to Cessna. The Cessna Mustang is single-pilot certified.