Cessna To Build Skycatcher Overseas


Cessna CEO Jack Pelton has confirmed what many suspected when the Cessna 162 Skycatcher – and its $109,000 price tag – were introduced earlier this year. In an interview with The Wichita Eagle, Cessna CEO Jack Pelton said that to make that price target “a major part of that content has to be built someplace else.” Cessna intends to announce where the little aluminum high-wing will be made at a news conference on Wednesday. The company has searched the world looking for the right manufacturer. Cessna spokesman Bob Stangarone told the Eagle the company has looked at companies in Argentina, Australia, China, the Czech Republic, India and Poland to build the aircraft, which is expected to fly in 2008 and begin deliveries in 2009. “We have looked literally everywhere in the world,” Pelton said. Cessna says it has firm orders for 850 Skycatchers. Just what, if any, market impact the outsourcing will have is anyones guess but it does cast Cirruss decision to adapt an already-flying European design into its Light Sport entrant in a different light. The SRS will be based on the Fk Lightplanes Polaris but will have Cirrus-style modifications, including a parachute, toe brakes and other refinements aimed at the U.S. market.