Cessna Updates Citation Mustang Progress


Cessna this week updated attendees at the Farnborough International Airshow 2006 on its progress toward bring the Citation Mustang very light jet (VLJ) to FAA certification later this year. According to the company, the three Mustang prototypes participating in the flight test program have accumulated more than 1,400 total flight hours spread among more than 850 flights. Fifteen Mustangs are currently on the production line in Independence, Kan., Cessna added, with the first flight of the fourth Mustang occurring June 15, two weeks ahead of schedule. This jet will enter service as a marketing demonstration aircraft later this year. The Citation Mustang will be certified as a FAR Part 23 aircraft, with a cruise speed of 340 KTAS and maximum operating altitude of 41,000 feet. With all that activity, it’s no surprise the company says the Citation Mustang remains on track for FAA certification later this year and EASA approval during the second quarter 2007. With nearly 250 orders, the Mustang is sold out into the third quarter of 2009.

Cessna added that the Mustang’s airframe has completed five lifetimes of structural fatigue testing, qualifying for certification without a life limit. Other Citation Mustang testing completed so far includes:

  • Flight envelope expansion to maximum airspeeds

  • Aircraft stability and control

  • Autopilot certification

The company says FAA icing, avionics, performance and engine handling/operation certification tests are underway and that more than 3,100 hours have been accumulated on the Mustangs Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F dual-channel FADEC engine. Currently, about 60 percent of Mustang orders are from outside of the United States, with 30 percent from Europe. The Citation Mustang program was announced in September 2002.