Cessnas Citation CJ2+ Makes First Flight…


Also making a first flight of a new jet this month was Cessna, whose new Citation CJ2+ prototype took to the air on April 2. Piloted by test pilots Don Alexander and Jon Cooper, the conforming CJ2+ prototype flew from Mid-Continent Airport for a 02:06 test flight, which, according to Cessna, included an “aggressive flight profile to test basic stability, flap and landing-gear extension and retraction, controllability” and other operations. “Compared to the CJ2, the CJ2+ offers customers enhanced performance and the most advanced avionics suite for this class of airplane,” said Cessnas Chairman, President and CEO Jack J. Pelton. “Orders for the CJ2+ have been strong, and were confident theyll continue to increase as we near certification.” Cessna’s Citation CJ2+ will be manufactured on the same production line Cessna is using to produce the CJ1, CJ2 and CJ3. Cessna anticipates certification for the Citation CJ2+ in the fourth quarter of this year, and first customer deliveries in the second quarter of 2006. The next Citation CJ2+ available for sale will be delivered in the second quarter of 2007. The Citation CJ2+ was announced at the 2004 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), is powered by Williams FJ44-3A-24 dual-channel FADEC engines, and is equipped with the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite. It is designated as a model 525A, and will serve single-pilot operators.