Chambliss Flies Under Backflipping Motorcycle (With Video)


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Red Bull Air Race pilot and airshow performer Kirby Chambliss last year went to Mexico and flew his Zivko Edge 540 beneath a motorcycle as the bike performed a backflip between two ramps, according to — and now we have video. The motorcycle rider, Czech Republic’s Petr Pilat, is billed as the youngest person to ever do a backflip on a motorcycle, having accomplished the feat at age 14. Chambliss is a highly accomplished aerobatic pilot who has demonstrated his skills all over the world. The Sun says the two met in November 2011, at Mexico City, to perform the stunt. Video and still photographs of the event are now available. At the end of the video Pilat exclaims, “I’m so happy that I’m still alive.” Photography was provided by Mauricio Ramos of Mexico City.