Charles Husick, Belvoir Media Contributor, Dies At 77


Charles “Chuck” Husick, a contributor to the aviation and marine publications at AVweb‘s parent, Belvoir Media Group, and a former executive vice president at Cessna Aircraft, died Sept. 13 at his home in St. Petersburg, Fla. An electrical engineer, pilot, and flight instructor, Husick had logged more than 6,000 hours in a wide variety of aircraft. “In his retirement, Chuck wrote voluminously, and well, on a variety of aviation and nautical subjects, illuminating tough technical subjects for end users,” said Tim Cole, executive vice president of Belvoir Media Group. “He was tough and smart (and funny) and he was one industry titan who clearly appreciated the hard work of ferreting out the truth. His mentoring meant a lot to us.”

Husick “played a vital role at Belvoir, providing crucial moral support to Aviation Consumer in the early days when our Consumer Reports-style reporting wasn’t necessarily in favor,” recalls Cole. “As a highly placed and well-respected leader in both the aviation and marine industries, Chuck’s encouragement was especially helpful to editors and reporters who shared Chuck’s inquisitiveness and quest for meaning.” Cole added that on a personal note, Husick was a valued source of support and encouragement. “I would often call Chuck for a sanity check when attempting to find the correct path through one thorny issue or another. His counsel was always both sage and timely. When I told Chuck my son was interested in a career in engineering, his first response was to set a lunch date. Then the former president of Chris-Craft Industries, who held senior positions at Cessna and in the Gemini Space Program, was only too happy to drive to my house to offer guidance to a young man now toiling in the defense industry. Chuck was a gem, a prince, a legend. Whether at the helm of his sailboat or the controls of a Citation, Chuck Husick navigated life with an open mind and a lofty spirit — always extending the hand of friendship. We will miss him deeply.”

Husick also worked as president of Narco Avionics and vice president of Narco Scientific, and served as chairman of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. Pete Bunce, president of GAMA, remembers Husick as a “true leader.” He was “part of an extraordinary era in general aviation,” says Bunce.”Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all those that he touched throughout his life.” Husick is survived by his wife, Louisa, two sons, and four grandchildren. His obituary is posted online.