Charter, Taxi Rates To Drop?


An online reservation service for people looking for charters and air taxi flights predicts the cost of flying in style will drop in the coming year. says the announcement that Eclipse Aviation has achieved certification of its Avio NG avionics system should spark the boom the market has been straining to hear. “That means there will be more of the speedy little jets finding their way into air taxi companies all across the country,” the company said in a news release. “As more taxijets are placed into service you can expect the prices you pay for aircraft charter to decrease.”

The certification of the Avio NG came as Eclipse position holders advanced the company more than $30 million in the form of advanced deposits that were exchanged for guaranteed prices for their aircraft. Eclipse still need flight into known icing certification before the aircraft is fully certified but remains bullish on the impending flood of little jets to the market. “As the air taxi infrastructure is established over coming months the price of on demand air travel in all aircraft types should come down as well,” the company contends. “Private jet charter is not just for the ultra-wealthy anymore.”