China Plans To Build Large Airliner By 2020


Airbus and Boeing may soon have to cope with a third competitor in the global market for large passenger jets. An official in China said on Monday the country plans to fund the development of its own “jumbo” jetliner, which could carry 200 passengers. The airplane should be on the market by 2020. “From a technical standpoint, it is realistic,” Richard Pinkham, an analyst with the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, told The Associated Press. He said the 13-year time frame should allow plenty of time to develop the necessary infrastructure. China already is building regional jets, and plans to start test flights next year of a mid-size commercial jet. The country is halfway through a five-year plan to buy 500 jetliners, recruit 5,000 pilots and build 48 airports, according to The Guardian. China is expected to buy 2,230 new commercial aircraft between now and 2025.