Cirrus G5 Ups Gross For 2013


Cirrus Thursday announced an increase in certified gross weight from 3400 to 3600 pounds for its 2013 “Generation 5” SR-series of aircraft, and claimed its now five-seat SR22 and SR22T offer “the highest in-class useful load” available. With all five seats filled, the aircraft offers a range of 700 nautical miles, according to the company. And it is capable of full fuel with four seats filled. Cirrus is also offering a “Generation 5 Vision Inspired Special Edition SR22T” that the company says is “inspired by the upcoming Cirrus Vision SF50 Personal Jet and modern automotive styling.” Cirrus says the models have seen some changes from nose to tail.

Cirrus engineers also went over the aircraft from spinner to tail and redesigned or re-engineered as necessary to accommodate the increased airframe load. The carbon fiber spar has been strengthened as has the landing gear and flap system. Pilots can now extend flaps to the first position while flying at 150 knots. As for the parachute, Cirrus says it has increased the canopy size and fitted a new rocket, fired by a new igniter, incorporating “lighter and stronger” construction materials. The company says the system underwent “substantial testing,” including a new series of test drops. Available features on Cirrus aircraft include Cirrus Perspective avionics by Garmin, Perspective Global Connect satellite communications, Cirrus Known Ice Protection, 60/40 FlexSeating, and the Cirrus CAPS full airframe parachute system.