Cirrus Offers Chute Training, New SR22 Features For 2014


Cirrus has created a new program to help train pilots about using the parachute on their aircraft, company spokesman Todd Simmons said at AOPA Summit this week. Activating the chute is a simple procedure, he said, but too often, pilots hesitate or decide not to pull when they should have. The new training aims to help pilots navigate that thought process in advance so they know what to do if the time ever comes. “We started the program about six months ago, and it’s growing now,” Simmons told AVweb. “We’re starting to see real results.” Simmons also said the company has seen a recent upturn in orders, with demand stronger now than it has been in the last five years. Several new features will debut on the 2014 models of the SR22, he said.

New brakes on the airplanes will be lighter and more effective. The new fleet also will be fitted with tubeless tires, which are easier to maintain. Bright and reliable new LED lighting makes it easier and safer for pilots and passengers to navigate on a dark ramp, Simmons said. “The airplane will just sort of glow,” he said. The flush-mount installation reduces drag, according to Cirrus. The lights can be activated using either a key fob or switches inside the cockpit.