Cirrus Partners With OpenAirplane


A new partnership between Cirrus and OpenAirplane is designed to make it easier for more pilots to get access to airplanes throughout the country. Pilots who go through Cirrus factory training will have the option of obtaining rental credentials for the same model of Cirrus without an additional checkout at flight schools and FBOs that are a part of the OpenAirplane network across the U.S.-avoiding the usual hassle and expense involved when renting an airplane at a new location. Cirrus Training Centers (CTCs) are being encouraged to join the OpenAirplane network, further expanding the number of rental locations available to OpenAirplane clients.

According to Cirrus, CTCs and Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs) follow the same training programs that Cirrus uses during factory flight instruction-and can now work with OpenAirplane to offer training that includes access to the OpenAirplane network in the same model aircraft. OpenAirplane currently has 70 locations in its network and over 8000 pilots signed up to fly. The OpenAirplane network allows flight schools, FBOs, flying clubs and individual owners who are members to verify a pilot’s qualifications and training in each model aircraft-which allows pilots to have access to aircraft throughout the OpenAirplane network without having to go through a checkout at each new location at which the pilot desires to rent.