Cirrus Rolls Out a New Turbocharged Model


Cirrus continues to be bullish on turbocharging and has announced a new model, the SR22T. Cirrus rolled out the new airplane at the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association Migration in Dayton, Ohio. The model is a follow-on to the SR22TN, which has a turbonormalized version of the IO-550-N installed in the normally aspirated SR22. The SR22T has a ground-boosted TSIO-550-K with 315 HP, five more than the TN model. The SR22T’s TSIO-550 has low compression pistons – 7.5 to 1 – so Cirrus sees this as a path to the use of lower octane fuels. (At least lower than 100 octane.)

Cirrus says the SR22T is also smoother and quieter than previous models and it has a new cowling design and an oleo cylinder for the front landing gear. While previous Cirrus models retain the cam-and-cable design for prop control, the SR22T’s prop is fixed at about 2500 RPM, sans the cam control.

Cirrus told us that both the TN and T model will be offered in the current model line with similar equipment and at comparable prices. For a video review of the SR22T, click here.