Citation Remains Missing; Helicopter Crashes Off L.A. Shore


Local and federal agencies have teamed up to provide extra equipment to search Lake Erie for the Citation jet that has been missing for nearly a week. A 75-foot U.S. Geological Survey research ship with sonar systems has arrived in Cleveland to help detect the cockpit voice recorder of the 2012 CJ4, according to local news reports Thursday. The privately owned jet, which disappeared minutes after departing Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront field late Dec. 30, remains missing along with all six occupants. Cleveland officials said investigators continue to collect debris found along the lakeshore, but are not disclosing details. The NTSB, FAA and other agencies are helping local law enforcement in the effort, and teams of experts are using survey data to build 3D models of the search area, the city said this week. City police helicopters have been scanning the waters for signs of the aircraft.

Meanwhile, another water recovery took place Thursday off the shoreline of Los Angeles where a Robinson R-22 helicopter crashed Wednesday evening, killing the pilot and a professional photographer on board. After Coast Guard crews searched the port waters by aircraft and boats on the water, the bodies of two men were found Thursday morning, The Associated Press reported. The helicopter had departed Zamperini Field in Torrance on a photo tour. Local news reports say witnesses on a cruise ship leaving the Port of Los Angeles area saw the rotorcraft descending towards the water about 5:45 p.m.