Citation Update: CJ3 Integrates Electronic Charts…


Even though Cessna’s Citation CJ3 is not yet FAA-certified, the manufacturer says it will be the first aircraft in its class to integrate electronic charts with its flight management system (FMS) performance database. According to Cessna, the CJ3’s Collins Pro Line 21 system will display the airplanes position on approach and airport diagrams while also showing departure and arrival procedures as well as enhanced map overlays with airspace boundaries and high and low federal airways. In other words, the CJ3’s avionics system will display current aeronautical charts and airways, as an option, on an 8-inch by 10-inch multi-function display (MFD). First flight of the CJ3 prototype was on April 17, 2004; FAA certification and first deliveries are expected during the fourth quarter of 2004.

Standard avionics include Collins FMS-3000, dual Radio Tuning Units (RTUs), digital Comm and Nav radios, digital audio control panels, Goodrich Skywatch HP TCAS I, Goodrich Landmark Class B TAWS, Goodrich GH-3000 ESFD and a Smiths EHSI. The CJ3 is designed for single-pilot operation and has a maximum cruise speed of 417 knots at FL330. The CJ3 will be RVSM equipped, and initial RVSM certification tests have been completed. Cessna has at leas 100 orders for the CJ3 in hand.