CJ3 In Pond, Plane Hits Lawn Tractor


Three people aboard a Cessna CJ3 escaped injury but the same can’t be said for the jet after it overran the runway at Spruce Creek aviation community near Daytona, Fla., on Saturday. It ended up in a golf course water hazard. Circumstances of the landing accident weren’t immediately clear but the aircraft, registered to a Delaware company, was on a flight from Opa Locka to Spruce Creek when the mishap occurred. Other than some disrupted golf games, there was no damage on the ground. A little later on Saturday, a man mowing grass at a North Carolina airport lost a hand when the lawn tractor he was operating was hit by an aircraft landing.

John Rufty, 74, was tidying things up at Taylorsville Airport near Winston-Salem when the accident occurred. The collision flipped the tractor and the unidentified aircraft. Officials told The Associated Press that the pilot said he didn’t see the tractor. It’s not clear if the pilot was injured.