Club Airways Launches Service


Offers Scheduled Inter-European Flights …

A new European business aviation service has begun connecting Europe’s main business centers, via a high level of in-flight luxury. Geneva-based Club Airways is a members-only airline offering scheduled flights to major European destinations. Currently, the company offers two morning and two afternoon weekday departures for each of the following city pairs: London-Geneva, and Geneva-Paris. Within a couple of weeks, Paris-London and the French Riviera will be added to the growing list of destinations. The next route structure — scheduled to begin at the end of April — will include Munich and Milan. By the end of 2004, Club Airways plans to add on Dusseldorf and Stuttgart, Germany; Brussels; Rome; Madrid; Luxembourg; Amsterdam; Stockholm; Athens; and Moscow to its list of destinations. All flights originate out of FBOs, saving travelers the usual headaches associated with commercial passenger terminals. “Because we have eliminated the tiring process of conventional airline travel, our clients arrive at their destination feeling fresh and ready for work,” says Hans Schwab, co-founder and CEO of Club Airways. “It really is uneventful traveling,” he explains.

… With Flexjet Playing An Important Role …

Club Airways is offering this service via a fleet of Learjet 45s operated through Bombardier’s Flexjet Europe program, which includes eight operators: Aero-Dienst, Nuremberg, Germany; Avcon Air Charter, Zurich; Corporate Jets, Prestwick, Scotland; DaimleChrysler Aviation, Stuttgart; ExecuJet Scandinavia, Copenhagen; Gold Air International, London; Jet Connection BusinessFlight, Frankfurt; and TAG Aviation, Geneva. While not considered airlines, Flexjet’s European operators do fly using a commercial air operator certificate under European JAR OPS 1. Challenger 604s will be used when the Learjet 45s are not available.

… And Membership Has Its Privileges

Because it is not considered a commercial airline, Club Airways only offers seats to its registered members. Three price structures are in place, where individuals pay 1,500 ($1,575) in annual membership dues, companies join for 15,000 ($15,750) — which includes four round-trip fares and the right to enroll as many individuals as they wish — and Founding memberships are being offered at 25,000 ($26,250) per year, including exclusive use of a bizjet for up to four hours. The company’s main target market is the upper management of firms that still permit their executives to fly business class. Companies that have stopped operating their own corporate aircraft or using executive charters are also being sought after. “We have a select group of clients, who have expressed a very high level of acceptance,” says Schwab. “I’ve never seen such enthusiasm in the travel industry'” he adds. For more information on this new service, please visit Club Airways’ Web site.