Colombian Cargo B727 Crashes, Five Dead


Five out of six crew members on board an Aerosucre cargo jet are dead after the Boeing 727 crashed Tuesday night in Colombia. A flight technician was the lone survivor and is in a Bogota hospital, according to news reports. The crash followed what appeared to be a problem on takeoff at 5:23 p.m. UPI and other news outlets posted cellphone videos from bystanders on a dirt road by a fence, showing the 727 zooming past them with its nose off the ground as if rotating.

Other news photos show burning wreckage about 10 miles from the departure point at Germn Olano Airport near Puerto Carreno in northeast Colombia. The jet was bound for Bogota. The captain, copilot, flight engineer, dispatcher and a forklift operator were killed, UPI reported. The airport is less than 200 feet above sea level and has one runway, 7-25, about 5,900 feet long. The accident is the second in recent weeks in Colombia, where a charteredAvro RJ85 crashed near Rionegro on Nov. 28, killing 71 people.