Columbus To Be Fly-By-Wire


Cessna has announced that Parker Aerospace will supply the hybrid fly-by-wire control system in its new intercontinental Columbus 850 business jet. Cessna developed the system, which uses hydraulic actuators to move control surfaces based on electrical commands generated by pilot and avionics inputs. The system will work on the roll, pitch and yaw axes as well as secondary control systems including high lift, stabilizer rim and speed brakes. This technology supports enhanced aircraft performance by allowing improved pilot handling and ride quality, Parker Aerospace said in a news release.

Parker says the system will save weight, cut maintenance and improve reliability in the big jet, which is Cessnas first foray into the ultra-long-range luxury market. Washington State electric-power-generation equipment manufacturer Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories recently ordered two Columbuses. Cessna says it has a number of orders for the jet but hasnt confirmed any figures.