Comair Sues FAA Over LEX Crash


As expected, Comair has filed suit against the FAA for alleged negligence in the crash of a Bombardier regional jet that killed 49 people last August in Lexington, Ky. After the crash, in which the pilots mistakenly took off on a runway too short for the CRJ, it was revealed that only one controller was on duty at the time instead of the required two. The controller cleared the aircraft to the correct runway, but had turned away from the windows to do other work as the CRJ rolled. The airline has not specified damages sought in the suit. The accident was enough for Forbes to put LEX on a list of the U.S.s 21 most dangerous airports. The magazine analyzed data for ground incursions at 452 airports and, based on the editors criteria, decided that North Las Vegas is the countrys most dangerous, followed by Long Beach and Charlotte, N.C. The story didnt say where LEX landed.