Composite Industry Predicts Major Growth


If youre looking for a place to invest all that cash you have left over from fueling, fixing and housing your airplane, market research company Lucintel suggests composite companies might be a good bet. The company recently completed a study on the use of composites by the aerospace industry and found, to no one in the aviation industry’s surprise, that they are being increasingly incorporated into all parts of airplanes. “Remarkably, the global aerospace industry is estimated to use $57 billion worth of composite materials during 2007-2026,” Lucintel CEO Dr. Samjay Mazumdar said in a news release. Composites have been widely used in homebuilts for decades, but manufacturers have been slow to adopt them. And while Cirrus, Columbia and a handful of others are leading the charge in general aviation, its Boeing’s acceptance of the technology in the new 787 and Airbus’s continued application in the A380 that will drive the growth in composites consumption, the report says. It notes that the 787 is about 50 percent composite while a 737 is only about 5 percent.